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Crowd funding for documentary “A Doctor’s Dream”

Thanks to the crowd-funding website, the documentary film project “A Doctor’s Dream” can now receive your financial support!  We have set up a 64-day campaign with an ambitious goal of $37,500.00! Just the sound of that amazes me!  On the other hand, I have a budget in hand that grounds me in the reality of what it takes to produce a one-hour documentary that is up to PBS standards.

Our shooting schedule is just as aggressive, with most of the primary photography scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. has a fantastic format that allows us to engage with thousands of independent producers, fans, friends and activists.  And we can receive donations there from $25 up to $5,000 with some pretty cool perqs (“perks”).  (If you have a “bigger idea” in mind, please contact me at steve (at) aDoctorsDream (dot) com.)

I hope you will consider joining us in this project.  This stories we capture in this film will energize a new generation of students and entrepreneurs.  Our cities desperately need both!

Here’s the link to the campaign page for “A Doctor’s Dream:”


a doctor’s bag

This is the logo for the documentary project “A Doctor’s Dream.”

Long, long ago, doctors made “house calls.”  Imagine!  You call the doctor and they come to you right away!

Each doctor had a strong leather bag, durable enough to perhaps last an entire doctor’s career.  Inside they had all the essential tools to make a good diagnosis  and perhaps treat an injury or symptom.  This documentary will explore some of what the doctors carried inside themselves as they built their practices.

My father’s bag is somewhere in my house.  When I find it, I’ll update the logo.

a salute…

… to all the GIs who served, and to all the GIs who made the most of their GI Bill benefits.

After serving in WW2 or Korea, most of the practitioners at Medical Associates went to med school on the GI Bill.   They had to have the grades, of course.  And no one is giving out medical degrees just because.  But medical school would have simply been financially out of reach for these young men.

After serving in today’s conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, I expect American society will reap another harvest of talented servicemen and servicewomen.  In my book, that’s a pretty sweet “peace dividend.”

(Image courtesy of the family of Gerald McAdoo, D.D.S., the original dentist in the group.)

Here’s the demo trailer for “A Doctor’s Dream”

Here’s the demo/trailer for “A Doctor’s Dream.  It includes some “placeholder” images and sample music, as well as original video footage, audio tracks and narration.

We will post additional video clips from the production as it comes together throughout 2012.  Enjoy!

Welcome to “A Doctor’s Dream!”

This is the hub for interaction and information related to the documentary project, “A Doctor’s Dream.”  Here’s where you will find the latest video trailers, clips from the film as it is in production, ways to enter the parallel discussions of medical education, medical reform, and urban entrepreneurship.

I also hope you will support this project financially as we march toward getting this story on public television.

Thanks for visiting, join the conversation, and please keep in touch!

Steve Chavis, producer