Crowd funding for documentary “A Doctor’s Dream”

Thanks to the crowd-funding website, the documentary film project “A Doctor’s Dream” can now receive your financial support!  We have set up a 64-day campaign with an ambitious goal of $37,500.00! Just the sound of that amazes me!  On the other hand, I have a budget in hand that grounds me in the reality of what it takes to produce a one-hour documentary that is up to PBS standards.

Our shooting schedule is just as aggressive, with most of the primary photography scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. has a fantastic format that allows us to engage with thousands of independent producers, fans, friends and activists.  And we can receive donations there from $25 up to $5,000 with some pretty cool perqs (“perks”).  (If you have a “bigger idea” in mind, please contact me at steve (at) aDoctorsDream (dot) com.)

I hope you will consider joining us in this project.  This stories we capture in this film will energize a new generation of students and entrepreneurs.  Our cities desperately need both!

Here’s the link to the campaign page for “A Doctor’s Dream:”


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