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TV doctors #23 – Dr. Chris Turk, Scrubs

Dr. Christopher Turk (Donald Faison), Scrubs, NBC-ABC

Christopher Duncan Turk (Donald Faison) was the main character’s best friend on the cast of Scrubs through its nine seasons on NBC and ABC. Turk eventually became Chief of Surgery at Sacred Heart Hospital.

That makes 23 profiles of African-American TV doctors and nurses. Did I miss any? Who’s your favorite? Now we get back to telling true stories of real-life doctors, stories you will see in A Doctor’s Dream.

TV doctors #7 – Nurse LaVerne Roberts/Nurse Shirley, Scrubs

Nurse Laverne Roberts (Aloma Wright), Scrubs (Image: NBC)

Scrubs Nurse LaVerne Roberts (Aloma Wright) was the kind of don’t-take-no-mess-I-know-exactly-what’s-going-on nurse I would want caring for me.  She departed the half-hour comedy, but was brought back as her sister Shirley.  The ABC series lives on in syndication!


Nurse Shirley (Aloma Wright), Scrubs

from The Regular Guy and Scrubs Wikia)