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TV doctors/nurses #15 – Julia

Nurse Julia Baker (Diahann Carroll), NBC

Julia. Diahann Carroll made television history by starring in a hit TV show all her own.  The NBC role won her a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination.  The show ran only two seasons, but it is still recognized for being one of the first non-stereotypical TV roles for an African-American (still a struggle in 2012?).

TV doctors

CSI:NY's Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, played by Hill Harper. (fanpop.com)

You might have noticed that one of the premiums for a donation of $500 or more (at http://indiegogo.com/a-doctors-dream) is a full season DVD set of a TV drama with a black medical professional as a major character.

Just for fun, I’ll be posting a series of images from these TV shows.  But beyond the fun and fancy, TV images are incredible cultural influencers.  TV shows give an impression of normalcy, and in the process, they create societal norms.  There’s no shortage of stereotypes on the small screen.  Let’s hear it for TV’s black doctors!

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (played by Hill Harper) has been on CSI:NY since Season 1 (2004).  Before moving to the field, the former surgeon was the first medical examiner on the show.  (Crime shows must have a compelling coroner – a casting call that has opened doors for more actors to play doctors!)