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TV doctors/nurses #22 – Cmdr. Will Royal, Combat Hospital

Dir. of Nursing Cmdr. Will Royal (Arnold Pinnock), Combat Hospital, ABC

Panned critically, the Canadian-produced Combat Hospital was based in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  It lasted only one season on ABC.  Arnold Pinnock played Chief of Nursing, Cmdr. Will Royal.

TV doctors/nurses #15 – Julia

Nurse Julia Baker (Diahann Carroll), NBC

Julia. Diahann Carroll made television history by starring in a hit TV show all her own.  The NBC role won her a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination.  The show ran only two seasons, but it is still recognized for being one of the first non-stereotypical TV roles for an African-American (still a struggle in 2012?).

TV doctors #7 – Nurse LaVerne Roberts/Nurse Shirley, Scrubs

Nurse Laverne Roberts (Aloma Wright), Scrubs (Image: NBC)

Scrubs Nurse LaVerne Roberts (Aloma Wright) was the kind of don’t-take-no-mess-I-know-exactly-what’s-going-on nurse I would want caring for me.  She departed the half-hour comedy, but was brought back as her sister Shirley.  The ABC series lives on in syndication!


Nurse Shirley (Aloma Wright), Scrubs

from The Regular Guy and Scrubs Wikia)